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The term Photomorphases is an amalgamation of three words - Photo, Morph and Phases. Photomorphases is a term which we created to convey, using a single word, the process through which photos and images are digitally transformed into pleasing and realistic pieces of digital artwork. We utilise a number of leading design software suites that contain the necessary creative toolbox for this purpose. We have endeavoured to offer art styles similar to the traditional hand painted and hand drawn works of art e.g. charcoal sketch, pencil and pen drawings, watercolour painting, oil painting and many others. In addition to the standard 24 styles reflected in our website 'Style Library', we are able to accommodate many more custom styles to meet your specific requirements.Many people possess treasured and memorable photographs of weddings, holidays, belongings or family portraits. Most of these photographs though either remain in a box, an album somewhere in a cupboard, or stored on a computer hard drive. It does not however seem popular to have these photographed memories framed and displayed on a wall. Could it be that ordinary, unedited photographs are considered to be too plain and boring? By having these treasured memories transformed into a piece of artwork seems to make one more amenable to show them off. In addition to our standard style options we are able to accommodate many custom needs and designs. This work would be quoted on a special needs basis. We also offer professional photo retouching for the following: • model portfolios • portrait photography • product showcasing • website images We have attached a Brochure of select ‘wedding styles’ which we believe would be an attractive reproduction for bridal photos/images. We have reproduced these styles using the same image which should make it easier to compare the different style effects. ,

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