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Linus Moran Photography

Finding a wedding photographer can be a tricky business, as there are so many from which to choose.

So what sets us apart from the competition?

Our approach is mostly documentary, preferring to capture your day through observational photography, leaving you to partake in your day as much as possible, with minimal intervention by us.

It’s a special day, with gathered family and guests, so why not immerse yourself in their company? Safe in the knowledge you have professionals around you to capture all the moments and interactions (seen and unseen), to produce a truthful account of your day, the way you envisaged and experienced it!

We work between several formats in order to capture the real story of your day.

Producing our stunning photographic records, we also produce unique Photofilms, that harness the power of audio recordings from your day, carefully edited to compose a contemporary film.

Photography has the ability to bring you back to the moment, a voice can tell so much about a person. The tone, accent, mannerism and diction all serve to create and leave an impression on the listener. They give depth and structure to the flowing narrative behind the wedding day.

Many couples have been drawn to our Photofilms as a choice over having a wedding film / video, seeing our style of product as being preferential.

Unlike moving footage that washes over you, Photofilms deliver powerful emotive context. Something that can only be done through bold, stills photography – each moment having been carefully considered before pressing the shutter. Each image being individually selected and timed to appear alongside relevant contextual audio.

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