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Lewis Belcher Magician - LBMAGICUK

Voted “BEST WEDDING ENTERTAINMENT 2016, and “BEST WEDDING ENTERTAINMENT 2018” at The Simply Wedding Awards. Sparkling close-up magic to amaze and entertain your guests. A professional wedding magician is the perfect way to keep your guests’ interest during your wedding reception. Guests can spend a lot of time sitting around – waiting for the photographer to finish, waiting for dinner to be served, waiting for the speeches or the band. If your guests are happy, you can relax and enjoy your wedding, which is how it should be. Magic is something everyone can appreciate, from small children to grannies, and it translates into any language and culture. The shared experience of watching Lewis and participating in his tricks can help break the ice for a tableful of people who don’t always know each other, saving any unnecessary awkwardness.

Please contact Lewis to discuss your wedding plans – the date, the amount of time you’d like him to be around, the kind of crowd you’ll have, and what you’d like from him. If you are unsure on anything, then just ask. He is here to help, and with hundreds of weddings up his sleeve already, his experience is always useful to call upon. Be prepared to have your expectations blown away!

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